the ultimate mast/deck seal

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An accurate set of measurements makes for an easy installation and a nice looking final product.

First it should be remembered that Waterboot is a custom product.  Our goal is to design a mast/deck seal that will provide both an effective and atttractive fit for your boat.  To achieve this, before you upgrade to Waterboot, we ask you, the captain, boat owner or manufacturer to provide us with three critical measurements.  Instructions and a guide to obtaining these dimensions are found below in Resources. When we receive your dimensions and the submitted order from below, we either match your configuration to an existing template in our extensive archive or  design a template according to your specifications.  This template is then saved for future orders.


Will Waterboot Work on My Boat?  A Visual Reference

1.  Three examples mast/deck configurations that are not good applications for Waterboot.....

Many sailors fit a cosmetic cover over the Waterboot to preserve the life of the material and for aesthetics.  You can use the Waterboot we send you as a template to have an outer cover made by a sailmaker or canvas shop.  The cover above is fitted over the Waterboot on S/V Morgan's Cloud , a custom 56' McGurdy Rhodes design and the yacht at the base of Sustainable Adventure Cruising, the popular reference site and blog for offshore voyaging and cruising.

Waterboot Installation instructions

​Waterboot Rectangular Flange/Collar Installation Instructions

Before and After Gallery

We like when sailors send photos of their boats before and after installing Waterboot.  

Will Waterboot work on my boat​?.

the ultimate mast/deck seal


Before navigating to our Store and purchasing Waterboot for your boat. the first step is for you and us to determine if Waterboot will work on your boat.  Although Waterboot has proven to be a good application on a majority of keel stepped sailboats where the mast passes through the cabin house, we have found that there will always be exceptions.  There are alot of mast/deck configurations out there.

Never Ordered Before?

If you have not ordered Waterboot and do not already have a Waterboot installed on your boat and have questions, or are unsure if Waterboot will work on your boat, the best way to proceed is to submit the order form found below and/or contact us. Note:  When submitting the form it is best to use Google Chrome as your browser. If possible send a photo or two of your mast/deck configuration.  In this way we can get back to you and give you an accurate review of whether Waterboot will make an effective mast/deck seal on your boat.

Already a Customer?

If you already have ordered from us and have a Waterboot on your boat please still submit the form with your contact info.  If you have your dimensions that is helpful. If you want to make a change in the design please indicate as such.  If you are happy with the fit and there are no changes, there is no need to resubmit the original dimensions.  We keep these on file with the template from your previous order.  After submitting your form proceed to the Waterboot Store for checkout.

Tips from Cruising Sailors on Waterboot

Some novel ideas, tips  and suggestions about our customers experience with Waterboot.  This would essentially be a Waterboot Discussion Forum.  Give some feed back on what you think of this new possible feature.

A Guide to Measuring Your Boat's 3 Critical Dimensions:

1. Mast Circumference - This is the circumference where the top

​of the Waterboot will wrap around the mast....

Tips that may make your upgrade to Waterboot easier..

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