This Beneteau has a pretty straightforward mast deck configuration.  There is enough height beneath the vang fitting so that the rather high wedges won't pose a problem.

Note the height of this Bristol's massive deck collar.  Also note how the wedges have been shaped in the corners to minimize overlap of the collar.

Both a rectangular mast and rectangular deck collar characterize this Island Trader 41's configuration.

2. Rectangular Collars

For boats with a rectangular or square mast.deck configuration we usually designWaterboot on the large side and then have you trim off excess material once installled.  Because of the conical nature that Waterboot assumes when the Velcro closure is made, extra material is required to wrap over the corners of the rectangular configuration.  After the Waterboot is installed over a rectangular collar, there are naturally more creases than there would be found over a round or oval  collar. This does not effect the performance of The Waterboot.

​The Spartite wedge system on this Pretorian 35 has tape wrapped over the upper lip of the edge to prevent a hard edge.

The wedges on this Cal 30 have been rounded to conform to the oval shape of the collar and then rounded over on the top to again prevent a hard edge.

The wedges on this Cape Dory 33 are uneven in height but shouldn't present a problem.   Wedges can be trimmed until they protrude just above the deck collar and will still remain effective.​​

1.  Wedges

Wedges are an integral part of the mast/deck configuration.  When installing Waterboot, (usually on boats that did not have Waterboot previously), wedges are sometimes found to be too tall or prominent and must be adjusted to avoid chafing or harming the Waterboot material with hard edges etc.  It is better to address this issue at the onset rather than dealing with it at a later time, when the effectiveness of the Waterboot might be compromised.

Special Considerations

Wedges and Rectangular Collars

the ultimate mast/deck seal

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Here are some examples of different wedge arrangements.

Here are some boats with rectangular mast/deck configurations. 

​On each boat Waterboot was subsequently successfully installed.