the ultimate mast/deck seal

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Installation Instructions can be found in Resources and are included with every Waterboot we ship.

Installing Waterboot Is Easy

Installing Waterboot With Special Considerations

1. Wedges

Wedges are an integral part of the mast/deck configuration... 

​2. Rectangular Deck Flange/Collar

For boats that have a rectangular flange/collar we design Waterboot on the large size....

Installing Waterboot is easy. The Waterboot designed for you should snugly wrap around the mast and fit down over the deck flange/collar after the Velcro closure is made. Once the Waterboot is in place where you like it with the Velcro closure facing aft, all that really needs to be done is to seal the three edges to prevent water from entering under the material. The top edge of the Waterboot wrapping around the mast and the bottom edge wrapping around the collar are typically sealed by using either hose clamps, some sort of tie wrap or most preferably white electrical tape.

A few tight passes of white electrical tape usually seals the edges well and makes for an attractive installation.

The aft vertical edge where the two sides of the Velcro meet must now be sealed. The 2" wide Velcro is in itself almost watertight, but to guarantee a 100% watertight seal, simply run a vertical bead of silicone sealant down the seam where the Velcro joins.  

If for whatever reason the Waterboot is removed, this bead of sealant can be peeled off and then reapplied once the Waterboot is reinstalled.

Any gaps that remain due to vang fittings, sail track, or the design of the mast section or extrusion can then be filled with a silicone sealant to attain a 100% watertight seal.