the ultimate mast/deck seal

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1. This Alden 50 only has the pad eye as a height restriction. The Spartite wedge system, when used in conjunction with Waterboot, is an excellent combo for a 100% watertight seal.

2. It doesn't get any more straightforward than on this Catalina. There is a perfect collar and no height restrictions.

c. The Freedom mast/deck configuration does not allow for much height but there is just enough for an effective installation. Because of its conical nature, Waterboot is ideally suited for round mast /deck collar configurations like Freedoms and other traditional catboat and daysailer configurations.

Will Waterboot Work on my boat?    

​A Visual Reference

​Three examples of bad mast deck configurations where the Waterboot application will not work and why.

​Here are three examples of very straightforward mast/deck configurations.  On each one Waterboot will make a good application.   Somewhere each of these boats has a Waterboot installed today.

1.   Actually this is not even a through deck mast. There is no vertical deck collar to which Waterboot can wrap around. The wires on this Dufour also pose a problem.

2.   On this Grand Soleil the mast/deck configuration is very busy. The is no real deck collar surface to which the Waterboot can wrap around and the protruding flange just below the vang bracket makes it difficult to design a Waterboot that would reach the deck for a clean installation.

3.  This C&C is a real mess. The height restriction between the deck and vang and the fact that there is no flange or deck collar to wrap around, again, make
a Waterboot installation impossible.