the ultimate mast/deck seal

Waterboot was first introduced to the sailing world twenty years ago at the Annapolis Boat Show.  Since then we have supplied our custom mast/deck seal to thousands of sailboat owners, production boat manufacturers and custom boat builders around the world....

For boats up to 50' LOA you can easily checkout at our store via PayPal.  For boats over 50"LOA we will quote you after reviewing your boat's dimensions on the order form.  International orders are invoiced via PayPal.


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Installing Waterboot is easy.  We take you through the step by step process of installing your new mast/deck seal with the rig in the boat.... 

Will Waterboot work on my boat?

Before ordering,  please submit the order form with your boat's critical mast and collar dimensions. If there are any questions, photos are always also helpful.  We then review your order form and configuration and let you know if Waterboot is a good application....

​We have done our best to make ordering Waterboot as easy as possible.  Waterboot is a custom product and we take pride in designing an optimum fit for your boat's particular mast/deck configuration.  If you have ordered Waterboot in the past, we keep an extensive file of templates on file and will have one to match your boat.  If you are ordering Waterboot for the first time, we ask you for three simple dimensions which only take minutes to measure on your boat.


​​​The cabin on any sailboat is a sanctuary. It is the one place that should ideally remain dry, the place to where you and your crew can retreat to escape the elements.

Without a weatherproof cabin the exhilarating experience and beauty of sailing can be instantly reduced to a mere struggle against a hostile environment.

A wet cabin caused by a leaking mast/deck seal can also inflict costly damage to woodwork, the cabin sole and bulkheads below. 

Besides being one of your life's great pleasures, your boat is also an important investment which must be protected. 

​Proudly made in the USA                  U.S. Patent #5,097,781 

It's time to replace your leaking, ugly,

 outdated "mast boot" with Waterboot 

and finally keep the water out! 

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