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                          the ultimate mast/deck seal
Welcome to Waterboot.  We've added many new photos and information to our website that makes the ordering process for your specific boat all the more easier.

important to remember that before proceeding to the Waterboot Store
for checkout via Paypal,  you must first submit the form on the bottom of the Waterboot For My Boat page along with your specific dimensions. 

In this way we can first review your  configuration and then let you know directly if Waterboot is a good application for your specific boat.  If you are unsure whether Waterboot will work on your boat , photos of your configuration are always helpful.

When we contact you, letting you know that Waterboot will be a good application for your boat you can then proceed with Checkout at the Waterboot Store.  When we receive payment notification from Paypal we then design and ship.

If you have ordered Waterboot before, please indicate so on the order form.  We keep templates of all past orders to make replacing Waterboot on your boat all the more easier.

Aside from this Waterboot has not changed;  it is still the most trusted, effective and attractive mast/deck seal available today.  

Waterboot is in fact no longer the "best kept secret on the sailing
 world".  Thanks for visiting the site and happy sailing!   

 The cabin on any sailboat is a sanctuary.  It is the one place that should remain dry,
the place to where you and your crew can retreat to escape the elements.
Without a weatherproof cabin the exhilarating experience and beauty of sailing can be
instantly reduced to a mere struggle against what can be a hostile enviornment.
A wet cabin caused by a leaking mast/deck seal can also inflict costly damage to woodwork, cabin sole and bulkheads below.  Besides being one of your life's great
pleasures, your boat is also an important investment which must be protected.

                                           Look Familiar?                         

             Its time to replace your leaking, ugly, outdated mast boot

                       with Waterboot and finally keep the water out!

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